In the summer of 2014, after graduating from International Business and Management Studies, I started MsAndersun, which went live February 2015. My aim was to create a platform where I could share all the things that I love; fashion, beauty, and traveling.

Next to blogging, I work in finance, and I’m one of the twelve finalists competing to become Miss Netherlands 2016.

As Miss Netherlands I would like to show that beauty is inside and out. As a child I had multiple operations and was bullied throughout middle- and high-school. As a result I was very insecure, and even thought I was ugly. In addition, I’m dyslectic and I was told that everything was too difficult for me, and I wouldn’t come very far. Because of my operations I couldn’t go to school for a long time. However, this didn’t stop me of getting multiple degrees and getting my Bachelor in Business Administration. The sky is the limit, as long as you believe in yourself and work hard.

 “she believed she could so she did”

We choose what defines us, and all have our flaws, as well as myself. Nevertheless, this has made me who I am, and of which I’m proud.

Next to my busy schedule, I love to travel, and in my Blackbook I want to share with you all of the beautiful places I have been.

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Photo by Allijan Moehammed