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Happy skin is healthy skin! I keep my skin happy and healthy with products of Hannah, a skin improvement research company. Your skin can get stressed with having an irregular schedule and going into make-up several times a week. Therefore I have a daily routine in the morning and before going to bed. First I wash my skin with the Cleansing Oil, than I use the Sensitive Skin Lotion to calm the skin close the pores. Next is the Sparkling Spray to prepare my skin for the High Quality cream. Which I use as a day cream, as it includes a SPF, and protects me from sun damage. For the night, I switch to the Clearity Cream, which really calms and softens the skin. So when I wake up in the morning, my skin shows no signs of irritation and is perfectly hydrated. Twice a week I do a little bit of extra cleaning with Cleansing Clay. This gives the skin a deep cleanse and has the same effect as a detox mask.

Nevertheless, when your skin is happy your hair must be too. My hair is kind of dry and very wavy. So when I don’t take good care of it, it gets really fuzzy. I have tried many different products to get the fuzz out. But many do get the fuzz out only they make my hair look very heavy or greasy.

However, I finally found the perfect shampoo and conditioner! They are both from Redken; the extreme hair strengthening shampoo and the all soft conditioner for dry, brittle hair. The former strengthens hair for reduced hair damage and split ends, it restores and cleanse, and more importantly is reduces breakage by 75%. The later detangles and moisturizes due to the use of Argan oil, and it adds softness, so your dry hair becomes shiny and soft again! This conditioner even won different award from Glamour and Allure for being the best!





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