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Georgie Belle6

 May 6th, 2015 Amsterdam


The Denim shirt, a love-hate relationship. When they made their return, a couple years ago, I wasn’t convinced. It took me a while to get over my trauma from the early 2000’s, when people wore one color denim all-over. I will never forget that image of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the VMA’s. She was dressed in a full length denim gown, with matching purse, and he wore a denim suit with a denim cowboy hat. I know they denims are comfy and versatile, but there are limits, and this was a denim overkill. However, the combination of denim and leather, I appreciate. They work well together as they are both tough materials, but can be sexy and feminine at the same time.

Other ways to wear this shirt is with white jeans, for a good color contrast. Or the other way around, a light shirt with a darker denim, like a skirt, jeans or shorts. You can also wear it as a jacket, over a dress or with trousers and a t-shirt. With florals, a very feminine piece, to make it a bit more casual. As you see, there are much more ways to wear blue-jeans then just all over, the denim shirt is a must have, so have fun with it.


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Photos by Cheyenne Fa Si Oen



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