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Rule number 1; the most important thing is to protect your skin. Therefore it ‘s wise to use a day cream with a SPF; a sun protection filter. The Juvi Protect by Hannah is a great product. It not only hydrates and comforts your skin, it also protects from harmful UV rays. The Juvi Protect has a SPF 30, which is perfect for light skin. We tent to forget to protect our skin from sunlight. Of course sunlight is healthy as our bodies creates vitamin D when being exposed to it. However, it also damages the skin, causes it to age. Mental note: you cannot ever go wrong with a day cream that has an SPF.

When you have a tan and you want to give it that extra glow, use a dry body oil. For our bikini photo shoot in Ibiza we used Huile Prodigieuse OR by NUXE; a multi-purpose dry oil for face, body and hair. Skin obtains dry oil quickly, therefore is doesn’t get greasy. The NUXE oil contains a subtle glitter that makes your skin looks flawless. I like to use it on my stomach and legs as it reflects the light, creating that flawless look. Just a little trick, when you show off your summer body.






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