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I’m not sure if you know, but I try to live a healthy lifestyle. For me this means buying mostly organic products. I don’t like the idea of putting chemicals in my body. I have learned that our body is our temple and that we have to take good care of it. Therefore, two years ago I have decided to stop eating foods with added sugars. However almost all products contain sugar, it’s crazy! So when I go to the supermarket, I read all the labels of the products I buy, so I know what it contains. Just have a look, next time when you go to buy groceries, whats inside your cereals, bread or soup, often they will contain a form of sugar. And most us already eat a lot more sugar then we need. Nevertheless I did all these things, but was still buying normal gum, and to be honest I’m a little bit addicted to gum.. So every time I felt a bit contradictory, when I was loading up on my stash. Because did you know your body absorbs much of the gum you’re eating, and many of the ingredients are unknown, and also most of the gum we eat is synthetic. But there is good news! A new alternative called BenBits, it only contains 6 ingredients and is 100% natural. The main ingredient, natural gum, comes from the wax of a tree called the Chicozapotetree and gives a new chewing experience. Maybe a good tip, if you also want to tweak you healthy habits…





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