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For my blond hair I usually get a Balayage, which is a different technique of creating highlights. Where a brush is used to create strokes on dry hair, here no foils are used. After the dye has done its work, your hair is washed and a toner is applied. This to create the right color. However all dye, plus weather conditions, will damage your hair, and so after summer I tried this new treatment called Heatcure from Redken. It’s a treatment where a Restoration Formula is applied to cleansed hair. Then a stylist will use the Heatcure tool, which looks a bit like a straightener and is warm, this to activate the formula. When all of your hair is treated, your hair will be washed and styled as you desire. Now you will feel and see the difference, your hair will be shiny and super soft. The effects will stay approximately up to 10 washes, but you can extend the effect by using the home formula. This is used a bit differently; you get a package, which when you open is headed, through a chemical reaction. You apply it to your hair, after you shampooed, and leave it in for about 5 to 10 min, you rinse and your done! For more information visit a Redken salon or click here.


For this treatment or to get a Balayage I always go to a Rob Peetoom salon. Rob Peetoom is a Dutch renown hairdresser, who has received different award throughout his career. For example the World Master Award and the Global Salon Business Award. He opened up multiple hair salons throughout Holland, created the Rob Peetoom Academy and he founded a foundation, so that the less fortunates could enjoy a eduction in third world countries. One of his last projects was to open up a hair spa in Bali, which combines everything from a professional hair salon with a spa. Click here for more information about the salons.




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