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Yoga is probably my favorite workout, don’t get me wrong, I like going to the gym, but I’m not always in the mood for cardio or weight training.

We live in a world where we are always out of time. We are constantly busy; with our phones, working, having a social life, going to the gym, watching movies and series, there is always something to do. Therefore we forget how we really feel, and sometimes you just need a moment for yourself, to realize what our body is telling us. Yoga helps me to calmdown and be more mindful.

People think you should be super flexible to do yoga, but it’s not about how good you are, it’s about the fact that you are trying, and listening to what your body is telling you.

There are different types of yoga, but my favorites are; vinyasa and bikram yoga. Both focus on the breath, and give you a real workout, which can be pretty intense. Bikram yoga is practiced in a room of 38-40 degrees celsius, and has a flow between the poses. Which mean you don’t stay very long in one pose. Here the breath is most important, if you are breathing right, the heat won’t bother you. Have your ever tried yoga, I’m curious to hear your experience…

My favorite yoga studios:

Hot Flow Yoga, Amsterdam

Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre in the Conservatorium hotel

Splash Amsterdam


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