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Living in Holland, I can’t work on my tan as much as I would like to. Also using a sunbed is something I would rather avoid, as it’s linked to skin cancer and other harmful skin conditions. Therefore I started to experience with different forms of spray tan; I bought a few DIY yourself products to use at home. I have tried a spray cabin, where you choose a colour, get in, and get sprayed automatically. I even went to a professional salon, where someone sprays you by hand.

Honesty the first two didn’t worked out that well. I turned out or orange, or way to dark, had stripes and spots, so as you can image not a pretty sight see. I got the best results from the salon, the only things is you have make a appointment before and feel comfortable with someone and it’s a bit pricy to do twice a month or so.

But I have found the perfect solution! It’s a DIY spray tan from Marc Inbane, which gives you a natural looking tan that you can intensify by using more product. Also it smells really good, not many spray tans do unfortunately. And it’s super easy to use, without getting any stripes or spots, as they have a special brush for your face and cleavage to spread the product evenly. Also for your body you can use a special glove to get the perfect looking tan, no spots guaranteed! Now I can have a nice tan all year round without tanning lines or sunburns.



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