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The nightmare called ingrown hairs. Many years I have struggled with ingrown hairs. At a point I was so fed up with it, I decided to laser my hair. But unfortunately this didn’t give the results I was hoping for. After a while my hair started to grow back, and thinking about it, it never totally disappeared. Therefore, recently I started to wax again. I was a bit afraid that the ingrown hairs would return, but the salon Delete gave me some great advice, and products to tackle these little monsters.

So what can you do; first of all, you need to scrub. Like 2 or 3 times a week. I think this is the most important step, because ingrown hairs can be caused by the existence of a thick layer of dead skin. The hair can’t break to the surface and grow normally, so it curls back under.   I use the Delete soul scrub, which can also be used on your armpits, bikini-line, and without water on your legs. 5 days after your treatment you can start using a scrub, and 3 days before you stop. Then in between treatments I use Smooth Touch, this prevents ingrown hairs and helps them to grow properly. You can use this everyday, starting 24h after your treatment, and again stopping 3 days before. It’s better not to use a scrub and a product for ingrown hairs, on the same day, as the skin is very sensitive after a good scrub. Also I use the Angel lotion, which is a cooling body lotion with Aloe Vera, to keep my skin soft and hydrated.


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