November 13th, 2015 Amsterdam


As you may know, I love eating healthy, I don’t eat packaged food or eat anything with added sugar. Which can be somewhat of a struggle sometimes. However I like to travel, and when I’m away, I’m always on the look out for  restaurants that fit my healthy lifestyle.

Throughout my search I’ve come across some vegan and vegetarian restaurants, which were a bit dull or too alternative, in my opinion. Like I love being healthy, but I don’t see myself on a farm chasing goats. Nevertheless, when I was in LA there were many vegan options. Here my favorite spots are Gratitude Cafe, Lemonade and Gracias Madre. Of course, I like to eat a salad from time to time, but that’s not really filling or nutritious. Starchy vegetables do the trick, they are filling and nutritious, but also contain good carbs. Which my body needs as I also don’t eat bread or pasta.

Gracias Madre was definitely my favorite as the food was really tasty. I love Mexican food, it has a lot of spice to it, so definitely something different then just another veggie option. Moreover, Lemonade serves not only an amazing buffet, with more then twenty options, but also has a cookbook. So now you can make your favorite dish at home. All their recipes are simple and easy to make. Lets be honest, almost no one has the time to spend hours in the kitchen anymore.

By the way, I need to tell you about two other places as well; Urth Cafe and Toast. Urth has a really nice, everything, and is also just a cool place to hangout. Their Green Tea espresso is my absolute favorite, if I could only have one now… Whereas toast has the best scrambled eggs I have ever had, if you like egg dishes, you will love it for sure.

My all time favorite store is Whole Foods, as they always have a warm and cold buffet at almost every location. The buffet gives you a variety of choices, and you can always see what ingredient are used. When I arrived in London, this was my first stop.

Another great place I discovered in London was the Wild Food Cafe, where everything is vegan and can be served raw, the salad I had was really good. Then there is the restaurant/cafe by Ottolenghi, I love this guy. As I love to cook I also collect cookbooks, I bought all of his. One book is completely vegetarian and the others have a lot of veggie based recipes. Most of his recipes are influenced by his Mediterranean background, providing you with a lot flavor.



Raw Salad at the Wild Food Cafe


My favorite: green Match tea at the Cafe, Cafe Royal


Gracias Madre!


The best scrambled eggs at Toast


Urth Cafe


Green tea espresso at Urth Cafe


Urth Cafe

All pictures are made by myself.


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